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04:52pm 06/11/2010
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[15] High Life only Joe Anderson
[4] Jonah Hex only Michael Fassbender

[10] Chris Hardwick featuring Kevin Pereira
[1] Jason Segel
[7] Emily Blunt
[6] Elizabeth Taylor
[3] Rose McGowen
[10] Megan Fox
[4] Mila Kunis
[7] Emma Stone
[2] Baners Mythology and Rose McGowen


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01:33pm 08/07/2009
Hello fellow Chris Hardwick fans! :D I've been a member of this community for a couple of months now, and i realized that it is very dead in here. ^^;; So I figured since it's so dead in here, why not post something. :\

Now, most of you have probably noticed that Chris has been popping up a lot more often now. He's been on Attack of Show! for a while now, he has his own G4 show called Web Soup, and sometimes he comes on Chelsea Handler's show, Chelsea Lately, and tells funny jokes.

Awesome, right? Y/Y

He's also on Twitter! :) twitter.com/nerdist

So I bring you some clips!
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10:54pm 10/02/2005
  shipmates is on spike tv. you know, television for men. who knew? not me!

chris hardwick is so fine. i'd like to ship his mate. i mean, mate his ship.

01:00am 07/09/2004
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Almost a year ago to the day, I decided I'd suck it up and email Chris. I thought, what harm could it do? The worst that could happen is he doesn't read it. So I sent this:
Yay, you're reading this. Okay. Just thought you should know that I sat through hours of Singled Out episodes just to see you. Yes, just you! I hated the show! But you were on it, so that cancelled out the high suck factor. By a lot.

Also, I was bored, because I have no life (why else would I use the internet?), so I decided to tally up random stuff said on your site:

Fuck/Fucking = 5
Mention of Sexual Act = 10
Ass = 2
Shit = 2
Pooping = 2

Truth be told, I'm disappointed. You're obviously capable of much more. I expect to see these numbers doubled by October.

Well I guess if you have nothing to do someday, feel free to write me back with information on the restraining order you're probably filing against me. I'm happy to get any mail.
So I sent it off, thinking I'd been pretty cute, and he'd probably never read it, but yeah, hey, at least I sent it.

The same day, I got a response:
those are low numbers. be assured that my ace team of scatologists will labor long hours between now and the thanksgiving holidays to provide the consumers with the the kind of shitting references they deserve. i really have done quite a few shows with a high suck factor. hope that changes someday.
Needless to say, I was goddamn stoked. I may email him back again one of these days; I've got another smart-assed email in mind.

Anyway, so there's my little fan encounter. Remind me sometime to mention the House of 1000 Corpses panel at Comic Con and the comment he made to my friend. I'm saving it for later; don't want to blow my whole load at once. :P
Holy jesus. 
04:24am 06/09/2004
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Poor Chris. No posts here since last October? Tsk tsk. Well, I'll start. Here are two variations on the same icon.

Please give me keyword credit if you're taking, and please comment. It's the nice thing to do.

All gifts and letters of admiration/adoration/obsession may be sent to kremlindusk. Have a nice day.
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02:39pm 26/10/2003
  10/28, 10:30pm,SCI-FI/FANTASY PAGEANT


You are invited to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pageant!
Greetings from Earth!
Nanu Nanu
Live long and prosper!
Set your pleasure circuits to "HILARIOUS" for this amazing and original comedy show full of characters you'd only see at a Comic Book, Sci-Fi convention or Renaissance Faire!
A comedy show by nerds, about nerds, for nerds!
Featuring: The Unicorn Girl, Cybok (comedian from the 25th Century), Carsonium 3000 Human/Cyborg talk show host, The D&D Club, Costume Contest, The Goul, Kim Smith the Mind Bender & Lothar, TRON: the rock opera, Sci-Fi Rap and more!
Cast includes: C.J. Arabia, Rob Cohen, Dana Gould, Ken Daly, Brian Posehn, Chris Hardwick, Brendon Small, Mike Phirman, Lisa Kushell, Jerry Minor, Howard Kremer, Laura Milligan, Tom Hensley, Jonah Ray, Laura House, Jake Cohen, Scott Aukerman, B.J. Porter and more!
Tuesday Oct. 28th 2003, 8:00pm
The M Bar
1253 N. Vine (at Fountain)
on the S/W corner of the street - in the mini-mall In Hollywood
for reservations call (323)856-0036
Please, no Zombies!
upcoming chris hardwick shows 
06:17pm 19/10/2003
  10/19, 10pm, Rotating Talk Show,
Comedy Underground, Santa Monica

10/21, 8:30pm, Comedy Death-Ray,
M Bar, Los Angeles

Yes. I am still updating this... for my own personal pleasure...
This Monday! 
12:38pm 20/09/2003
monday, 9/22
9pm, LARGO, 40 n. fairfax

chris hardwick
the sklar brothers
colin hay
nina gordon
robbie rist
jeff russo
dave gibbs
kay hanley
hosted by greg behrendt
01:19am 25/08/2003
  Ok, I've just started this community.. so I'm talking to myself right now, but I imagine the allure of Chris Hardwick will draw people in like flies to honey. I will try to spruce things up later... but for now... let's all have a moment of silence and think about how much we all love our favorite television host/movie star.

yes, i'm slightly obsessed, but I don't think it's at the scary stalker point yet. ;)